2022 Aushorse Investor’s Guide Launched

Australia hosts some 72 races worth a million dollars or more, which is four times the number of races of the same value across the whole of Europe and the UK.

Prizemoney across the board in Australia has also surged by 82% in the past decade.

These statistics and more are included in the latest Aushorse Investor’s Guide which is released today.

The annual Investor’s Guide pulls together the latest information on the Australian industry and is essential reading for anybody involved in racing or breeding.

Another key statistic out of the guide is that the average prizemoney per race in Australia during the last racing season was over $46,000, compared to $29,000 in America and Europe, and $20,000 in the UK.

“Whichever way you look at it, investing in a racehorse in Australia offers an unapparelled opportunity to get a significant return,” said Aushorse and Thoroughbred Breeders Australia chief executive Tom Reilly.

“When you look at the prizemoney here and in other jurisdictions where anybody can become an owner, there is simply no comparison.”

Despite the riches on offer on the track, the opportunity for those playing at the top end of the market is more affordable here than elsewhere.

Looking at average prices for the top 50 colts and fillies over the past five years, Australia (US$734,471 colts, $516,297 fillies), compares favourably with Europe (US$951,355 colts, $946,523 fillies) and America (US$963,460 colts, $797,640 fillies).

In Australia a greater proportion of Group One winners are also available to buy, with exactly three-quarters of all last season’s locally-bred top flight winners having been offered as a yearling, compared to 66% in America and 55% in Europe.

“The guide has been very popular in recent years and we’ve received great feedback from people overseas as well as from trainers and syndicators locally who have appreciated having the stats to hand. We are regularly approached by potential international investors for data so it works well to put a lot of that in one place,” added Reilly.

The digital version of the Investor’s Guide can be viewed here, while printed copies get sent to more than 4,500 bloodstock investors and participants across the globe along with the Aushorse magazine.

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